Hi and welcome to my little free time project which is all about the movie town out there.
Here you can find trailers of upcoming movies, film news, and reviews of movie shown in theaters worldwide.
I will always tell you my true opinion about the movies and what I think about them.

Why I do this?
Simply because I love movies.

How I do this?
Every day I will post a review or a trailer about the movies which will come to the cinema soon.

About me:
I am 32 years old and I am doing movie reviews since 2005. Movies have been always a big influence in my life. I started to be interested in the world of movie and of Hollywood since I was young already, and I was a big fan of Frank Tausch, who died so early in his young age. He inspired me to think about movies more, to go into the details, and to see behind the big screens. To collect and to gather information, side details of movies is nice, because you can have a point of all aspects a movie is about.
So I started to write for a local newspaper during my studies in the town where I am from. It was amazing to start like this. It made a lot of fun and sooner or later I also started to talk about the movie world on radio, for a local radio station in the North of Germany. I was doing this until the end of my studies. After that I did some reviews here and there still for local newspaper. After I moved to a different country I thought about okay how can I go on which sharing my passion for the movie world. So I created the blog. I was not sure about the beginning and how it will be liked or not. But after one month I can see that you like a lot and therefore I just want to say

Thank you.

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